Slate & Stone Birdboxes. Handmade to order.

Luxury Living for Garden Birds

Invite nesting bird families into your garden!

Make nature happy!

Making your garden a haven for birds looking to find a home isn’t just about hanging up a bag of peanuts when the weather turns nasty. There are lots of ways to give bird populations a boost, from creating new nesting places to introducing plants and trees rich in nuts and berries. At Slatebirdhouses, we build birdhouses that pamper; weatherproof, warm and ideal for breeding pairs. They are a beautiful addition to any garden.

Timmos’ Tale

Slatebirdhouses is a home based business in the UK that has grown from our family’s passion for the garden and the wildlife it attracts.


Retired coal miner, Alan Timmins, and his daughter Laura have brought all their experience of design and traditional skills together to produce a range of boxes and feeders that just aren’t available anywhere else.

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Each box is built on a wooden sub-frame that is finished with a natural stone or slate facing, making each wall over 30mm thick.


The wooden frame gives excellent insulation whilst the stone finish protects from the worst of weather. The roof is solid slate with a waterproof flashing.


Every box has a removable roof for easy access to the nesting area and comes supplied with fixings for mounting

looking for that special gift?

We take commissions for bespoke builds

what our customers say....

  • "Within three weeks we had a nesting pair of blue-tits as well as a beautiful ornament in our garden."

    Jon Matthews
  • "One of Alan's boxes sits on the trellis in my back garden and never fails to raise comments of delight from people who see it the first time.

    Dave Robinson
  • "The quality of the workmanship is second to none and you can see that every piece of stone has been shaped and laid by a master craftsman. I will definitely be buying more for my garden!"

    Rohan Boothman
  • "My son gave me one of the boxes as a birthday gift. I now have a second and my collection of gnomes adore them"



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